With the establishment of her law firm in 2007, Dr. Sylvia Susanna Freygner, LL.M., LL.M. founded FREYGNER ADVOCATUR, which today operates internationally with its own and independent offices in three countries. The firm is fully committed to the concerns of its clients in a multi-faceted international context.

The firm focuses on international and cross-border tax law, financial criminal law, intellectual property, European competition law and international corporate law.

In the field of financial criminal law, FREYGNER ADVOCATUR, based in Austria (Klagenfurt), has gained recognition and notoriety in renowned and internationally known cases. FREYGNER ADVOCATUR, based in Liechtenstein (Vaduz), focuses on international tax law, asset structuring and corporate law and runs its own IP boutique with a focus on tax-optimised licensing models. FREYGNER ADVOCATUR, based in Switzerland (Stans), focuses on tax & compliance in money laundering, sanctions and antitrust law.

The main offices in Klagenfurt, Vaduz and Stans, with their representative offices in Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Tallinn and London, correspond to the international orientation of the law firm group.


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